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Insurance Coverage Expert in California

New litigation and legislation are being introduced that impact how an insurance policy is interpreted. Within the span of a year, the persons eligible for coverage under a policy, policy provisions, and loss coverage can change. A professional offering analysis of a policy and its provisions must disseminate legal precedent as well as industry jargon. With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance and risk management industries, David Pilcher is well-equipped to provide objective insurance coverage analysis in California.

What does insurance coverage analysis in California entail?

A typical analysis assesses the following questions:

  1. Who and/or what is covered under the policy?
  2. If an individual or entity is making a claim, does that claim fall into the coverage timeline outlined by the policy?
  3. Is the claim applicable or recoverable under the policy?
  4. What remedies, if any, are covered under the policy terms?
  5. Where, geographically, is the policy in effect?
  6. What additional provisions or exclusions may prevent coverage of a specific claim?
  7. Are there multiple insurers involved? If so, professionals from both insurers must work together to determine applicable coverage under the different policies.

While some policies may be similar, most insurance policies are unique unto themselves. For legal professionals, understanding and analyzing a policy is one of the key steps in determining if a party can pursue litigation. A well-rounded insurance coverage analysis professional will objectively interpret a policy's design and terms, and, in clear, direct language, explain how the policy impacts the insurer as well as the insured. In addition, an insurance coverage expert in California can also help determine if a policy falls under the state's statutory regulations and meets the "reasonable person" standards ascribed to common law.

California Insurance Policy Coverage Analysis and Expert Testimony

After completing a thorough evaluation and analysis of a policy, David Pilcher may also be available to serve as an insurance coverage expert in California for pending litigation. Prior to his work as an independent consultant, David gained experience as a case manager/litigation specialist, claims manager, and risk manager in the public and private sectors. He has also received professional training and accreditation in claims practice, risk management, and underwriting. He has served as an expert witness in several high-profile civil litigation cases focusing on workers' compensation, general liability, and contractual disputes.

To learn more about David Pilcher's qualifications or to discuss your case email or call 626-533-5679.

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