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Insurance Policy Interpretation in California

Pursuing civil litigation requires an investment of time, resources, and revenue for most individuals and businesses. Insurance is a highly regulated and evolving industry, and legal representatives will frequently consult with industry veterans to ensure that their argument or defense of a contract interpretation meets the common law standard of "reasonable expectations." In keeping with the "reasonable person" standard found in common law, the doctrine of reasonable expectations is ambiguous at best.

A specialist in insurance policy interpretation in California, David Pilcher uses his knowledge, acquired over 30 years in the industry, to help legal representatives interpret how a court might read a policy and define "reasonable expectations."

Value of an Expert Witness

A statutory interpretation of an insurance policy in California is how the California court interprets legislative standards. At the heart of statutory interpretation is the insurance policy or contract and how the contract terms can be interpreted in plain language. While courts typically abide by contra proferentem or hold the insurer liable for any ambiguities, often the meaning of an ambiguous policy term/condition has to be argued for or against by both sides. Employing an expert witness to objectively analyze and interpret a policy's coverage can strengthen a party's argument in court or help a business avoid costly litigation.

Insurance Policy Interpretation and Analysis in California

Each state is unique in the weight its courts place on the doctrine of reasonable expectations, contra proferentem, and the interpretation of policy components such as the declarations page or specific policy previsions/exclusions. Historically, California has been the battlefield where national legal precedent for statutory interpretation of an insurance policy is established. The financial, legal, and social factors that go into the interpretation of an insurance policy must be considered. As a seasoned insurance professional, David Pilcher provides transparent, objective insurance policy analysis services. Depending on the outcome of his findings, David may also help support an argument for an interpretation or defend against a particular interpretation of a policy.

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