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California Workers' Compensation Expert Witness

Workers' compensation is required by California law, whether the company has one employee or 10,000. An employee is not required to pay for workers' compensation—it is a cost borne by the employer. All California-specific regulations are found in the California Code of Labor or the California Code of Regulations, Titles 8 and 10.

Workers' compensation insurance is a challenge to navigate when the following issues need to be addressed:

  • Coverage — What were the actual duties of the insurer involved? There are many, chiefly to provide coverage where coverage is owed, and to adequately investigate, evaluate, negotiate or litigate claims properly. This involves evaluating the injured worker's medical treatment, setting proper reserves as facts develop, and fulfilling the insurer's dual duties to indemnify or defend the insured.
  • Determining what level of compensation under the policy is appropriate.
  • Monitor and control the injured worker's treatment and progress and develop a proactive maximum medical improvement and return to work strategy.
  • Oversee all aspects of the claim with a view towards an optimal resolution for both the injured worker and the employer.

In the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) court, insurance coverage, the employer's responsibility to the employee, and other concerns are subject to a level of interpretation. David Pilcher is a workers' compensation expert witness in California with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has worked in both the private and public sectors in several roles, such as risk manager for the Fullerton School District and litigation specialist for a private insurance company. David can provide an unbiased, factual analysis of workers' compensation policies. If the analysis shows that litigation is viable, he is also available to work with legal professionals and firms to serve as a workers' compensation expert witness.

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